Terms of Use


Service Usage Terms

Welcome to e-SIMPLE, a distinguished offering from DataWave Technologies Ltd (“DataWave”). We, along with our staff, directors, and proprietors, are delighted you’ve chosen e-SIMPLE for your digital needs.

Engaging with e-SIMPLE (this includes accessing the app, website, data, text, imagery, videos, design elements, software, and the array of services provided through e-SIMPLE, notably the use of an E-SIM) signifies your consent to adhere to these Service Usage Terms (“SUT”). Should you disagree with these SUT, we ask that you refrain from utilising e-SIMPLE.

Carefully review these terms as they constitute a contract that affects your legal rights and duties. Non-agreement to all these terms means you should not proceed with accessing or utilising e-SIMPLE.

Operational Rules and Reimbursement Directive

Adherence to provided guidelines is imperative when installing and activating the E-SIM. Non-compliance leading to non-activation does not warrant a refund.
Once installed, the E-Sim should remain on your device; its removal nullifies any possibility of refunds or credits.
Data left unused does not qualify for reimbursement.
Confirm device compatibility and unlock status for E-Sim use before any purchase.
Users must ensure they avoid incurring charges from their standard cellular providers by mistakenly using their regular data or calls; e-SIMPLE is not liable for such costs.
The app details available network operators per country; service disruptions may occur outside these networks.
It’s your duty to monitor and control background data usage by apps on your phone, as e-SIMPLE isn’t accountable for your device’s data consumption.
The data package is activated upon first data use in the destination and expires either upon data depletion or post the duration validity, whichever comes first.

e-SIMPLE Utilisation

The application, its services, and all rendered content or data are provided on an “As-Is”, “As Available”, and “With All Faults” basis. Any concerns regarding data accuracy, errors, or misrepresentations, including service levels or pricing inaccuracies, won’t hold DataWave accountable. Acknowledge that data shown is merely illustrative and cannot form the basis of any claim against DataWave.

While DataWave strives to offer impeccable service, we can’t promise uninterrupted or flawless E-SIM service provision.

The functionality is reliant on digital coding and internet connectivity; hence, DataWave is not responsible for any operational glitches or resultant user experience issues stemming from technological aspects.

Note that e-SIMPLE’s availability may vary based on device compatibility and geographic location.

DataWave retains the right to modify, withdraw, or terminate any aspect of e-SIMPLE, including complete shutdown, without liability for adjustments made.

Intellectual Property Rights

The entirety of intellectual property rights pertaining to e-SIMPLE, covering the application, its designs, software code, graphics, and all other elements, is the sole property of DataWave. Unauthorised reproduction, distribution, or public disclosure of any content without DataWave’s explicit written consent is strictly prohibited.

Users are urged to respect DataWave’s intellectual property rights, refraining from any form of infringement such as reverse engineering or unauthorised replication.

By uploading content to our servers, you grant DataWave an unrestricted, royalty-free licence to use your uploaded materials, relinquishing any claims to such intellectual property.


DataWave may reach out to you via push notifications, emails, or other messaging forms. You can opt-out of push notifications anytime through your device settings.

General Provisions

DataWave reserves the right to seek reparations for any misuse of the app, including server attacks, unauthorised data extraction, or other violations of these SUT.
Users will indemnify DataWave against any damages or losses incurred due to non-compliant use of the service.
These terms are governed exclusively by Israeli law, with Tel Aviv courts having sole jurisdiction over disputes.
Should any provision of these SUT be deemed invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the remainder of the terms.
DataWave may amend these SUT at any time without prior notice, and users are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms.
For inquiries or clarifications on these terms, please reach out to us. In case of any uncertainty, cease using e-SIMPLE and await further instructions following your query.