Data Privacy Framework - Privacy POLICY

DataWave LTD

DataWave Ltd, known as "DataWave," is an enterprise based in Tel Aviv, Israel, prioritizing the confidentiality of its stakeholders. The company is engaged in various operations that involve gathering and handling data or personal details from its clientele or end-users. This document intends to elucidate how such data is utilized rightfully, detailing the nature of information retained by DataWave and the choices available to our clientele and users concerning their data.

Fundamental Principles:

Directly obtained personal data is the only information we process and store.
Our approach is to request and retain only the minimum necessary personal data.
We encourage you to reach out to us for a comprehensive review of your data in our possession, along with a provision to delete such data.
DataWave's offerings are restricted to individuals over 18 years old. For minors, parental authorization is required.

Information Collection during Service Enrollment:

e-SIMPLE & E-SIM Applications: Subscription to our E-SIM Applications, a segment of DataWave's services, necessitates providing your name, email, and payment details. This information is preserved for service operation, billing, and internal usage, ensuring no third-party sharing.
Gaming Applications: Registration for our Gaming Applications may require details such as your Email, Name, Last Name, Company, and Payment Information. This data supports billing operations and internal promotional strategies, safeguarded against third-party disclosure.

For inquiries about stored data or privacy concerns, feel free to connect with our team via email: [email protected].

Comprehensive Privacy Framework:

Our commitment to your privacy is unwavering, underpinned by strict adherence to this privacy framework (“Framework”). This document outlines the data types we might collect from you or that you may share when engaging with the “e-SIMPLE” mobile application (“Application” or “Service”) and its associated offerings (“Services”). It details our methods for collecting, utilizing, safeguarding, and revealing that Personal Information.

This Framework constitutes a binding agreement between you (the “User”) and DataWave LTD (“DataWave,” “we,” “us,” “our”). By utilizing the Application and Services, you acknowledge your comprehension and consent to the stipulations of this Framework. 

Engagement and Inquiries:

Should you have any questions, issues, or feedback regarding this Framework, or wish to manage your personal information, please contact us using the provided details:

[email protected]

We are committed to resolving any complaints or disputes promptly and will endeavour to respect your rights to data privacy in compliance with applicable laws.

This document was last updated on 16/6/2024.